Cosmetic specials

Microdermabrasion / 30 min / EUR 47.00

Finest micro crystals are directed to the skin with the help of a negative pressure system, scaling off the upper skin layer. Pores are refined, scars smoothened and the intensity of pigment spots is reduced giving your skin a smooth appearance.

Eye special treatment / 25 min / EUR 25.00
This is our special cosmetic treatment against eye shadows, swellings and reddening

First of all the lymph fluid in the eye area is removed by a special drainage and highly active substance ampoules. Then cooling masks with micro algae by Clarins, Gruber or Klapp are applied. The result is astonishing. You will be delighted by a fresh, radiant and youthful eye area.

Lymph drainage Eric / compressional wave massage / 30 Min / EUR 29.00

Therapies, which can be demonstratively used successfully amongst others against overweight, include bioresonance therapy. It is an empirical method and belongs to the category of complementary medicine. As it is a painless method without side effects it is also well-suitable for children.

ERIC® offers an optimal strategy for marked improvements. With gentle compressional wave massage fat cells are waken up, deeper lying skin layers are activated and the lymph flow is stimulated.

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  • 30 min and 2x a week for women and men
  • Reduction of fat accumulation, cellulitis and flaccid tissue as well as tightening of the skin
  • Infrared treatment in order to increase cell activity and improve the feeling of well-being
  • Removal of bad tissue fluid (excellular water) by lymph drainage
  • For a tight and firm body
Detox Compresses / 30 Min / EUR 49.00

Chemical additives in our food is responsible for the building of fat deposits in our connective tissue. Body bandages and detox compresses result in a tightening of the respective problem areas and purify/ detoxify. The toxins and wastes which have been absorbed over the years are eliminated from the fat and connective tissue. The skin in the problem areas is becoming tight and smooth again, the reduction of fat tissue results in a more slender figure and supplements weight reduction by bioresonance optimally.

SEYO® Oxygen treatment / 1 hour / EUR 85.00
5x stronger and more concentrated by the targeted use of almost 100% oxygen

Optimal oxygen saturation is the basis of healthy and beautiful skin. SEYO® is a completely new treatment method where precious substances are enriched with highly concentrated oxygen to achieve maximum supply. SEYO® offers strong support to natural cell regeneration – immediately sensible and visible.

Nu Skin Galvanic Power Lifting treatment / 30 min / EUR 55.00
Revolutionary lifting method with immediately visible rejuvenating effects

The treatment is based on a technology with galvanic power and is used in combination with especially developed gel-products by Nu Skin with remarkable results:

  • Smoothening and tightening of the forehead skin
  • Tightening of the eye lids
  • Smoothening and tightening of the lower eye area
  • Smoothening of the nasolabial folds
  • Immediately visible pore refinement and a radiant and vitalizing feeling of your skin.
Spray tanning / 30 min / EUR 37.00

The BONZA BRONZ spray tanning remains even after only one application for up to 10 days depending on the skin type and follow-up care without damaging the skin. It contains herb extracts which were especially developed for nourishing the skin. In order to exclude the “orange coloring” Bonza Bronz exclusively uses DHA (dihydroxyacetone won out of sugar). Even light skin types receive a naturally gold-brown tanning without having to expose yourself to dangerous sun radiation. Say good bye to pale skin and look forward to UV-free tanning within minutes.

Please note:

In order to achieve optimal results the skin should be peeled before the tanning. It has to be free from body lotion, deodorant, make-up or perfume. 5-6 hours following the tanning you should not shower and avoid excessive sweating by doing sports. The skin will continue tanning for up to 24 hours. Excessive tanning substance will be removed by showering. Therefore the tanning effect can only be optimally seen after the first shower. The tanning effect is maintained for about 6-10 days depending on the skin type and follow-up care. After only two applications you have a tanning intensity comparable with the result of 10 or more sessions in the tanning centers – completely without UV radiation!

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