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KLAPP Cosmetics is the pioneer in the world of beauty and can be used as a synonym for innovative cosmetic treatment, which are ahead of their time. In Klapp´s philosophy “Made in Germany” is a promise for quality. More than 30 years of experience and continuous research and development of new high-tech substances and methods continually provide highest satisfaction regarding the treatments.

The focus of our extraordinary KLAPP treatments and products is the innovative and diverse application concepts, which can be consistently continued with products for the use at home.

All of the KLAPP concepts are developed for every skin type and skin state, for her and for him, for face and body – for holistic beauty. The results are high-quality and individually applicable products for care, regeneration and wellness.

Caviar treatment / 90 min / EUR 99.00

This innovative anti-aging treatment with modern high-tech substances provides moisture and supports the natural skin repair system. An exclusive caviar complex and natural bio-peptides stimulate the cell regeneration and give impulses to the tired skin structure for an elastic skin surface.

Cuvee Champaign treatment / 90 min / EUR 99.00
Anti-aging – sparkling like never before!

Enjoy a care treatment with the most precious substances, combined with long-term experience and knowledge in highly modern research. Extracts from especially high-quality grape types, which can usually only be found in the most exquisite sparkling wines in France, will provide your taint immediately with a fresh radiance, anti-aging substances will further help to better define facial contours. Free from mineral oils, silicon oils, parabens and polyethylene glycols.

Repacell Lifting / 90 min / EUR 120.00
REPACELL® by Health Cosmeticals (Klapp-Group) – new for demanding skin

Cell research of the telomerase (enzyme of the cell nucleus) are the basis for this innovative cosmetics. It was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2009 and is referred to as the enzyme of youth. Telomeres were identified as important elements of cell aging. By discovering telomeres and its enzymes, the telomerase, youth of skin can be prolonged.

The anti-age active substance complex TCR3-PLUS®

Beauty experts of the REPACELL®- cosmetics research have developed the unique active substance complex TCR3-PLUS® for your anti-age facial care. It nourishes your skin for a youthful appearance by:

  • Proteolea – cell cleanser – purifying the cells
  • Vitasource – telomerase activator – in order to maintain telomere lengths
  • Cellulosomes eryngium (stem cells) – skin regenerator – in order to support skin regeneration
  • Plus special additives – skin specific additional ingredients, perfectly adapted to your individual skin type

TCR3-PLUS® can prolong the life of cells. A longer cell life-time will result in youthful skin: Your skin will look young, fresh, smooth and radiant.

Dermatologically tested

Even after 14 days of regular care the first skin improvements are visible. After 28 days significant results show*:

  • Reduction of undesired aging effects
  • Increase in skin firmness and elasticity
  • Effective reduction of depth, area and volume of wrinkles
  • Smoothened wrinkle areas
  • Rapid increase in the level of moisture in your skin
  • Your skin will feel incredibly smooth and soft.

* measured with 24h Antiage Luxurious Ceam and Comfort Antiage Eye Cream

X-Treme Hyaloron Infusion / 90 min / EUR 99.00

Treatment in order to build up new moisture depots and permanent supply of the skin with hyaluron acid. Precious plant oils out balance lipid deficits in a natural way. Silk proteins build up protection and provide you with an excellent feeling regarding your skin. Ceramides close the gap in your skin barriers, thereby improving skin firmness and elasticity and preventing dehydration.

The X-TREME HYALURON INFUSION is a real wonder weapon for building up new moisture depots and to permanently supply your skin with hyaluron acid, the most important part of the connective tissue for storing moisture and for maintaining pressure resistance of the tissue. The used ingredients make your skin smooth, soft and elastic. Undesired wrinkles are reduced.

Fruit acid treatment / 90 min / EUR 110.00
Skin regeneration program

With increasing age the skin is getting thicker and loses transparency, wrinkles are getting deeper and the supply of the lower horn layers deteriorates. The skin appears tired, dull, uneven and stained. The dry and flaky skin is missing tension and elasticity.
Treatment by fruit acid products show sustainable success within short periods of time. Especially effective is a course of treatment.

The effects of a fruit acid treatment:
  • The thickened upper horn layer is scaled off
  • Cell division is accelerated
  • The moisture level of the horn layer is improved
  • The intensity of pigment spots is reduced
  • Wrinkles are markedly reduced
  • Collage and elastin production is increased
  • The energy supply of your skin is stimulated
Mesodoctor HC3 Skinshooter / 30 Min / EUR 55.00

The clinical care treatments include highly effective sera especially developed for clinical care by 5 year research and a 2 year testing phase in Germany.

Needle-free mesotherapy • it´s different • it cares differently
  • It results in flawless, smooth, beautiful, soft skin
  • For a marked improvement of skin aging, micro circulation, flaccidity, dehydration, impurities and many others
  • All products are free from parabens, pigments, alcohol and mineral oils
Sea Delight treatment / 60 Min / EUR 99.00
Sea Delight is marine cosmetics at the highest level

Active ingredients from the sea, such as algae, sea-shell and oyster shells, are true wonders of nature. They are ideally absorbed by the skin and optimally supply the skin cells to prevent premature skin aging.

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