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Choose the right treatment for your well-being from our huge variety of massage offers – we will happily provide you with consultation!

Herbal stamp massage / 1 hour

The herbal stamp massage offers a wellness experience of the special kind to your skin. According to your desires the filling consists of fresh herbs such as ginger, lavender, blossoms of the St. John´s wort or lemon grass. However, also herbs like rosemary, thyme and lemon balm, which are grown in our own little garden, are used. Fresh lime is added to each stamp, due to its ability to remove blockages and its detoxifying effect. If desired grated coconut is added as well. When the stamps are heated in water vapor essential oils are set free which make the skin even smoother.

Aroma oil massage / 1 hour

During the aroma oil massage essential oils combined with a base oil (almond or jojoba oil) are gently massaged into the skin. Blossoms, fruits, leaves and roots deliver high-quality essential oils and purely plant-based aromatic essences, which meet the requirements of the organism, the organs and the skin due to their extraordinary active substances. The aroma oil massage is one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy essential oils.

The pure and natural substances penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate the nervous, blood and lymphatic systems depending on the type and composition of oils. Simultaneously, their own scent is affecting the metabolism, the brain and the psyche. Besides the actual effectiveness of the plant essences (e.g. regarding migraine, weakness, depression and others) the scent positively affects your individual well-being and thereby influences body and soul.

Sound massage / 1 hour
Experience deep calmness and relaxation during our sound massage with singing bowls.

A sound is not only audible, it can be experienced via the body, as well. During this kind of massage singing bowls of different sizes are placed on the body and are then brought to life.

The vibrations of the sounds are absorbed by the body and continue through the muscle tissue deep into the skin and organs. They help to remove physical and mental blockages and to experience a state of deep relaxation and harmony – ideal for everyone suffering from stress.

Ayurveda massage / 1 hour

The purging and relaxing Ayurasan® treatments combine the philosophy of “preventive health care” by Gertraud Gruber with selected elements of skin and body care according to Ayurveda.

The focus of these treatments for face and body is on relaxing meridian massages, warm Ayurveda oil applications, delicately scented emulsions and exquisite, pure essences from medical plants. The treatments are characterized by a holistic anti-aging effect. Your Gertraud Gruber cosmetician will happily provide consultation regarding the treatments.


Dive into a world of massages from AYURASAN®. Feel how experienced hands are nourishing and indulging you. With gentle pressure tensions and blockages will be removed.

Energy can flow freely again through your body. The scent of exquisite essential oils, such as from roses, sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang or oranges caress your senses. As a matter of course they smoothen the skin and make it soft. This is how absolute relaxation feels like. From head to toe.


Accompany us to the springs of life. Leave your daily life behind and feel how your energy is in total harmony with your mind.

The Marma points between forehead and décolleté are stimulated by gentle pressure. These points are passed by bioenergetic channels, the meridians, from which positive stimuli emanate throughout the body to reestablish inner harmony.

A tender sandalwood peeling and type-specific Dosha ointments make your skin soft and smooth.

Foot reflexology massage / 30 min

Experience your body via the touch of your feet! A stimulating massage of your foot reflexology will reach your whole body.

Back massage / 30 min

With pleasantly strong pressure and deep massage strokes we will stretch and open your muscle cords and remove ingrained tensions in your back.

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